Product Review: Snapaholics

If you are not already addicted to hair bling for your little one, you soon will be! We provide all the hair decorations you could possibly need for rockin' cornrows, twists, braids, extensions, or any other style you could possibly dream up.

I was given the amazing opportunity to review Snapaholics
They have such a wide selection of hair accessories, it was hard to chose which item to review. But we decided to review the wooden beads, rat tail comb, shell beads, and satin pillowcase!

Small Light Brown Wood Beads

We loved the wooden beads, really cute to rock and since they are neutral colored they go with everything! 

Shell Beads

These shells added such a nice island-earthy flair to our hairstyle!
 Hard to use with the hair beader, but if you slide it in through the gap, the hair will go in perfectly!

Silky Satin Pillow Case

Of course, you have to keep the hairstyle fresh by using either a sleeping cap, or a satin pillowcase.
 Really helps to reduce the frizzies! 

Pin Tail Comb

How do so many people make really nice clean parts. 
This tool is the key! Straight lines, every time! 

For our readers overseas, Snapaholics ships internationally! They even have hairstyle videos, and sell sidewinders. Be sure to check them out at http://www.snapaholics.com You could also click on their ad, on the left side of this blog, or visit them on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/snapaholicshaircare. 

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